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The piano lessons are open to all music amateurs, regardless the age or the level. Each has the possibility of developing the level of musical knowledge and to deepen the notions known at a general level.


Monday-Sunday, between 09:00 – 21:00, throughout the year, including summer.  The periods in which the classes are not held are posted in due time on the Boem Club site, at the notice board.


Alba-Iulia Centre
Location: Bucharest, Chiparosului no. 36 Street, District 3 (Alba-Iulia Square – Decebal Boulevard area)

Răzoare Centre
Location: Bucharest, Drumul Sarii no. 39 Street, District 5 (Răzoare area)

Dorobanti Centre
Location: Bucharest, Bitolia Entrance no. 65, District 1 (Dorobanti Square)

E-mail: office@boemclub.ro
Mobile Phone: 0760 MUZICA / 0760 689 422
*Appointments and signing ups are made through the phone.


The duration of a piano lesson is 50 minutes, time in which the piano teacher focuses on the teaching of instrumental technique and interpretation part.
The piano lessons are completed by workshops of musical theory and history, which are held twice a week, 2 hours each time for groups of 5-10 persons, separately for children and adults, to complete the musical knowledge which is necessary to play the piano. You have the possibility to opt for one of the 2 workshops, according to your schedule.
The piano classes are individual and personalized according to your knowledge in the musical field and to the musical level of each.


Boem Club offers piano, guitar, violin, cello lessons, canto and musical education for preschool children, to everyone keen on music. The lessons are individual (teacher-student) and they last for 50 minutes.

All the students who opt for music courses at Boem Club can participate for free at the weekly workshops of musical theory and history. These workshops are meant to complete the information given by the teachers at the instrument courses with basic notions of musical theory and history. They last for 2 hours and are structured according to the age and the level of training of the participants.

Boem Club offers its students educational materials, printed courses and the possibility of studying individually using the club’s instruments, on the basis of a prior reservation.
There isn’t a predefined period of time for signing up at the music courses. Since Boem Club holds its activity throughout the year, including summer time through summer school, the registrations can be made anytime, at our centre or through the phone.

The school’s schedule is a permissive one so you can attend the classes anytime from 09:00-21:00, from Monday to Sunday. In order to save time, the members of the same family can schedule their classes in parallel or one after another. Furthermore, if you opt for various instruments, the lessons can be scheduled in the same day.

The lessons are taught by teachers who have great didactic and vocalic experience. The way of teaching differs according to each student, so that even the most difficult notions can be assimilated easily. Together with the teachers, the whole team Boem Club is brought into attention by its promptness, efficacy and geniality.
The accompanying persons can stay in a friendly environment in the waiting room which is equipped with a TV, wireless internet, books and magazines in order to make the time spent here a pleasant one.

All Boem Club students have the opportunity to participate at cultural manifestation periodically organized by the club: shows, competitions, preselections, all of them having a musical character.